A 31 year old male was brought to the local trauma center by EMS after being found in full arrest with stab wounds to the bilateral lower extremities and a significant amount of blood at the scene but no other obvious injuries. In the field he was pulseless and apneic, initial rhythm was an agonal PEA with […]

By Jason Naylor PA-C Doppler ultrasound (DUS) is the study of choice for evaluating testicular torsion. Various studies demonstrated a range of sensitivity from 80 – 98%, while specificity consistently remained between 97 – 100%1-3. DUS findings specific for testicular torsion are twisting of the spermatic cord, no central arterial flow of the affected testis, […]

Procalcitonin: All the rave? Anthony J. Hackett, DO There seems to be an awful lot of talk lately about the utility of procalcitonin in prognosticating, detecting and tracking bacterial infections. This article review looks at a fairly recent meta-analysis in The Lancet Journal of Infectious Disease which aims to look at all of the data […]