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Anthony J. Hackett, DO Brugada syndrome was originally described by the Spanish cardiologists Pedro and Josep Brugada in 1992. It is a sodium channelopathy (SCNA5 gene) that has a high association with sudden cardiac death (SCD) and is found mainly in adult men. The defect leads to a slowed influx of sodium that interferes with […]

by Meghan E. Swartz, MD A 23 year-old male presented for a pruritic, generalized, maculopapular and scaly rash for 1 month.  The rash was most prominent on the trunk, face, and scalp.  There was minimal proximal extremity distribution, though palms and soles were unaffected. He reported no relief with oral diphenhydramine and topical hydrocortisone 1%.  […]

Tubal rings or the “ring of fire sign” can be seen when color Doppler studies are conducted of hypervascular lesions appearing in the adnexa. Although, the “ring of fire” is commonly associated with ectopic pregnancy, it can also be seen in corpus luteum cysts which can be present until the second trimester. Without proper attention […]

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